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Los 1 Mejores Royal Canin Renales Special En Zooplus.

Los 1 Mejores Royal Canin Renales Special En Zooplus
10 Feb

Descuentos del 45% en royal canin renales special en Zooplus. Nuestros redactores han buscado y seleccionado los mejores modelos por su valor y funcionalidades. En el siguiente bloque vas a poder localizar los 1 modelos seleccionados. Para hacer este listado nos hemos centrado en las sugerencias de la OCU, sobre productos en el zooplus, así como en los comentarios de los consumidores y pruebas hechos por nuestros genios.


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¿Cuál comprar?, ¿Cuánto dinero debería gastarme?, ¿Cuales son los más comercializados? En la siguiente lista intentamos ayudarte a elegir gracias a la elección personal de los [N] mejores . Equipara precios, lee nuestras review y prosigue con nuestros consejos


Royal Vet Canine Renal Caja 12X410Gr 4920 g

108 opinion(es)
Royal Vet Canine Renal Caja 12X410Gr 4920 g
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  • Royal Vet Canine Renal Caja 12X410Gr
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    Opinión de un comprador: Thankfully my dog eats this, it's specifically for pets with kidney problems and there really isn't alot of choice of foods in these circumstances. It's smelly, claggy, sticks to the bowl and is difficult for my dog to eat, but wolf (scuse the pun) it down she does. What I would say is it's FAR TOO EXPENSIVE for what it is. It costs me £setenta y cinco for diez days of food. Alternatives will have to be found cos it's costing more to feed the dog than the rest of the family.

    Royal canin renales special en zooplus, royal canin renal special veterinary diet

    Todo sobre royal en zooplus zooplus en zooplus royal canin renal special en zooplus

    Alimento exhaustivo para felinos con enfermedades renales, ideal para la enfermedad renal crónica, fórmula deliciosa con características alcalinizantes de la micción, asiste para calmar los riñones. Continuar ficha de producto

    Royal canin veterinary diet - renal special rsf veinti seis

    Review de royal en zooplus zooplus en zooplus royal canin renal special en zooplus

    Complete dietetic dry food for cats with chronic and temporary renal insufficiency. The kibble supports renal function and helps disminuye oxalate stone formation. With urine alkalising properties. .. .further information product description

    Latest user reviews

    My ragdoll was diagnosed with chronic renal failure at 8 years of age. I tried him on various renal foods, this he actually liked! At last! He has regained his lost weight and his 'mojo'. .. And he is diez in may. Relieved and delighted.

    My older cat used to eat it happily during 3 years of his nefrítico illness. The other cat (healthy) was also fine with it.

    My cat loves it and digests it well. For example her problems with her kidneys have stabilised. It is quite expensive, but my cats health is worth more than anything else!

    Got the product super quickly and was looked after as usual! This kibble is excellent for my 3 cats and 3 puppies!

    This kibble has saved my cat, that was diagnosed with chronic renal failure with 4 and a half years. He now is 7 years old and in great shape! This kibble is mixed with wet food and in my eyes a very good treat for my cat.

    My diez and quince year old haven't really normally got problems with their kidneys. Anyhow, i give them the nefrítico special veterinary diet for 3 weeks now after some nefrítico problems occured. .. They really like it! I think i have done well for my cats!

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    Opiniones de royal en zooplus zooplus en zooplus royal canin renal special en zooplus

    Indications: Chronic kidney disease (ckd) prophylactic prevention of urate and cystine stones stones prophylactic prevention of calcium oxalate stones with simultaneous renal insufficiency contraindications: Pregnancy, lactation, kittens key benefits: Dietetic management of chronic kidney disease: Formulated to support kidney function in case of chronic renal disease. With epa and dha, an antioxidant complex and low phosphorus content reduces kidney workload: An increased kidney workload can lead to a uremic riesgo. This food has an adapted high quality protein content which helps to disminuye the kidney workload. Metabolic equilibrium: Chronic renal disease (ckd) can lead to metabolic acidosis, this dry food contains alkalinising agents which help to prevent this. Well accepted: The tasty food is highly palatable and will tempt your cat to eat. Length of treatment:
    If your cat is suffering from chronic renal insufficiency it is advisable to keep your cat on this diet for the rest of its life. Please make sure your cat is checked regularly. Early dietetic measures are recommended.

    Therapeutic veterinary diets are carefully formulated and recommended to be used in conjunction with veterinary advice and support.
    Royal canin strongly recommend you seek advice from your vet prior to and during feeding of any of these products to your pet.

    Vitamin a 20800 iu, vitamin d3 800 iu, iron 47mg, iodine 4.7mg, copper 14mg, manganese 61mg, zinc 183mg, selenium 0.09mg

    clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin: 10g/kg, preservatives, antioxidants. .

    Cats weight lean normal overweight 2kg 39g 32g - 3kg 52g 43g - 4kg 63g 53g 42g 5kg 74g 62g 50g 6kg 85g 71g 56g 7kg 94g 79g 63g 8kg 104g 87g 69g 9kg 113g 94g 75g 10kg 122g 101g 81g

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